Working with Actors and Directors to showcase narrative, documentary and art/experimental performances.

Actor/Director Jake Galasso serving as a lead producer both for his career and others.

Jake Galasso - IMDB

JAKE GALASSO - Resume|Actors Access

Attack Of The Show! – Cobra Commander Declares Victory)

G4 Network short comedy – aired 2009 – role GI JOE in response team… its a COMEDY!

Silver Patriot (Trailer)

Award winning short film in role of ‘Silver Patriot’ comic hero.


Urban Legends

Junk Food Justice – Jake plays Ron White in the story of the famous ‘Twinkie Defense’.

Blue Confession

A husband and wife take a trip to Jamaica in an attempt to salvage their marriage. They harbor strong feelings of hate and mistrust when suddenly strong turbulent winds threaten the planes ability to maintain flight. Will they have a change of heart during their last flight?

short film
Roland Cañamar Director/DP

JakeGalasso ActingReel (2014)

JakeGalasso ActingReel 2014 from Jake Galasso on Vimeo.

Commercials, Television shows, feature films, short films
Athletic actor Jake Galasso showcases here playing everything from a Superhero, to a Wrestling Champion, Navy Seal, True Stories as Dan White, and an crazy impound worker!


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