JAG Digital Productions mission is to create first rate quality video production for weddings &  events, business campaigns, fashion branded films, promotions, and feature film writing and development that reach for a higher quality.

Having wanted to work on good projects with great people, JAG is primarily the company for Jake Galasso, a media producer working in Los Angeles for over 15 years.


(recent photo taken volunteering at Palos Verdes Peninsula Land Conservancy with Room & Board.  Jake is creating a video for both companies)

About Jake Galasso from Jake Galasso on Vimeo.


Production Resume


(click for links to work)

The Garden of Grace Yoga       Camera/Editor    Lomita Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

DonovanBlatt Realty                Camera/Editor    Newport Beach, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

Teeth for Life,                            Camera/Editor    Laguna Niguel, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

Fast Auto Glass                          Camera/Editor    Los Angeles, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

DNAEGF SkinCare                    Editor                Los Angeles, CA TMG International  

Los Dos Hermanos Billiards     Camera/Editor    Los Angeles, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

Record Thought Leaders at InAssist Camera/Editor    Los Angeles, Ca CERIDIAN

DeRuiter Insurance Services       Camera/Editor    Los Angeles, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

Bella Musica Violin Store                Camera/Editor    Huntington Beach, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

GLOW Custom Sunless Tans        Camera/Editor    Los Angeles, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

Dylan Conrad Fitness          Camera/Editor      Los Angeles, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

Glow Custom Sunless Tan  Camera/Editor      Redondo Beach, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

Pump it Up Torrance           Camera/Editor      Torrance, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

EZ Decorator                         Camera/Editor      Los Angeles, Ca Web Spot/SmartShoot

Gaucho Grill Long Beach       Camera/Editor      Long Beach, Ca Yelp/SmartShoot

The Pilates Room                   Camera/Editor      Hermosa Beach, Ca /SmartShoot

Casita Laquita                         Camera/Editor      Palm Springs, Ca /SmartShoot

Conscious Cooking                   Camera/Editor      Santa Monica, Ca /SmartShoot

Total Vision Optometry          Camera/Editor      Lakewood, CA /SmartShoot

Culver Automotive                   Camera/Editor      Culver City, CA /SmartShoot

American Fish Grill                  Camera/Editor      Torrance, CA /SmartShoot

Creme De La Crepe                  Camera/Editor      Redondo Beach, CA / SmartShoot

Insight Psychotherapy Group Camera/Editor      Cypress, CA / SmartShoot

Swan Thai                                   Camera/Editor      R P V, CA/ SmartShoot

Label Me Lindsay                       Camera/Editor      Cypress, CA / SmartShoot

Pacific Fresh Seafood Grill         Camera/Editor      Thousand Oaks, CA / SmartShoot

San Pedro Lock & Key Service   Camera/Editor      San Pedro, CA / SmartShoot

StarBright LandScape                  Camera/Editor      Torrance, CA / SmartShoot

Fine Arts Academy of Dance      Camera/Editor      Diamond Bar, CA / SmartShoot

Sushi Delight                                  Camera/Editor      Torrance, CA / SmartShoot

Klingaman Creative                       Camera/Editor      Newport Beach, CA / SmartShoot

So Cal Officiant                               Camera/Editor      Long Beach, CA / SmartShoot

Rymenmy Yoga                             Camera/Editor      Torrance, CA / SmartShoot

Brunello Trattoria                         Camera/Editor      Culver City, CA / SmartShoot

Renaissance ClubSport                 Camera/Editor      Aliso Viejo, CA / SmartShoot

Dr. Dennis Kinnane OMD              Camera/Editor      Torrance, CA / SmartShoot

Holistic Alternatives Acupuncture  Camera/Editor Torrance, CA / SmartShoot

Lasik Eye Center                             Camera/Editor      Torrance, CA / SmartShoot

Withee Malcolm Architects  Producer/Camera/Editor         Architect trade Profile(Torrance, CA)

Orange Bakery                                   Producer/Camera/Editor Trade Show Video (Irvine, CA)

Caravan Trading Co                          Producer/Camera/Editor   Trade Show (Union City, CA)

Artimex Bakery                                  Producer/Camera/Editor Trade Show (Sante Fe Springs, CA)

The 5 O’Clock Solution                      Producer/Camera/Editor       RALPH’S GROCERY/LeGrand


WASHINGTON MUTUAL (San Diego3)   Video Producer (Camera/Editor)              Fathom Comm (New York, NY)

GUESS? SPRING (CannesFilmFest:30)     Videographer (Camera/Editor) GUESS? Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)

GUESS? JEANS (Spring 07)                        Videographer (Camera/Editor) GUESS? Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)

YES (2007 FASHION)                                Videographer (Camera/Editor) GUESS? Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)

WOLF Finance                                        Director, Producer, Writer   (Irvine, CA)

GUESS? JEANS (Fall 06)                           Videographer (Camera/Editor) GUESS? Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)

GUESS by MARCIANO (Winter06)       Videographer (Camera/Editor) GUESS? Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)

GUESS? WATCHES (.30 spot)                   Videographer (Camera/Editor) GUESS? Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)

GUESS? JEANS (Sping 06)                         Videographer (Camera/Editor) GUESS? Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)

GUESS BY MARCIANO (Spring06)           Videographer (Camera/Editor) GUESS? Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)

YES (2006 Fashion)                                   Videographer (Camera/Editor) GUESS? Inc. (Los Angeles, CA)


Molokai Today!                                Director of Photography/Director The Nature Conservatory of Hawaii

AWAKEN THE GIANT                  Director/ DP/ Editor                  JAG Productions

CATS ON A PLANE (Behind the Scene)    Film Documentary                    Bliss Prods. (Burbank, CA)

SILVER PATRIOT (Behind the Scene)       Camera/Editor                         Bliss Prods. (Burbank, CA)

BLUE LIGHT CAFÉ              Writer/Producer//Director/Editor          JAG/Bonifield/Chapman Film


WOLF FINANCE (.30 spot)     Camera Operator / Director       WOLF FINANCE (Irvine, CA)

ECONOMIC JOURNAL                        Camera Operator                     KOCE-PBS (Orange, CA)

Yoga50                                                    Director/Producer  DVD & Infomercial

YogaFit                                                  Camera/Editor                      Infomerical/Web


E Hula Mau (2001-2013) Director/Camera/Editor  Na Mamo (Long Beach, CA)

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